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Looking for delicious and spicy stock juice from various sources like tamarind, lentils etc. Then Ashwin’s Kitchen is the perfect choice. We serve you authenticated Rasam with lively flavors of our home country. A south Indian meal never completes without this recipe. It greatly helps in your digestion. The presence of pepper and asafoetida in this recipe gives you medicinal benefits in curing seasonal cough and cold. The experienced chef in our team brings wonders in this mixture with mouth-watering taste.

We present the recipe with creative idea to attract the kids and teens of this generation. However, Rasam recipe hails from our great grandparent’s generation but still we make use of our catering skills and modify the taste to suit the expectations of the present teens and kids. It is the best recipe ever and it is incomparable with the international stocks and juices.

Amidst your heavy meals, it is highly recommended to sip this stock juice to overcome unnecessary digestion issues. The jeera added in this recipe focus on the digestion process in all age groups. The kids and elderly persons should take this recipe frequently to avoid issues related to the digestive system.

The peeper brings spicy flavor with the tamarind mixture and the jeera along with few pieces of garlic boost up the overall taste of the final recipe. A sip is sufficient to judge the quality of the food. Step into Ashwin’s kitchen to taste a home style Rasam within your budget. We provide high quality food and recipe without compromising the flavors.

Do not hesitate to taste our delicious home style Rasam at our platform. Knock the ‘Order Catering’ button to make orders and add Rasam to your cart to complete a meal for a day. Connect with us for more recipes. Choose Ashwin’s kitchen for your appetite needs. We serve you with more love and care. Quality food with customer satisfaction is our business goal.


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